True Alpha Bully Camp
owned and created by:
Mike M., Gene T. and Martin S.
                             R.S.L.               S.M.B.

We here at True Alpha Bully Camp are a small,focused organization.  We strive to produce only the best possible all-around companions.  Our dogs, with the correct training, are capable of anything that suits your fancy-from breeding and showing to weight pulling,hog hunting and even being a service dog.  Our dogs are bred to be lifelong companions, with a will to protect and a pretty face too!

We use only the cleanest lines available and will never knowingly breed a dog with health or skin issues.

Some of our bloodlines include the following:
RBG, BGK, ICK, Razor's Edge, Butthead, GK, old school Gotti, Texas Legacy and original Remyline. 

We do not condone the use of our dogs for illegal purposes.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our pups/dogs to anyone we feel has ill intentions. If, after purchasing one of our dogs, we find out it has been or is being used for illegal purposes, we have the right to confiscate and rehome the dog.  You will be charged all legal fees we incur to get our dog back, as well as vet bills and medical care if needed
Thank you for visiting TRUE ALPHA BULLY CAMP and God Bless!!

Cujo of SMB
Raging Steel Deity​​​
​A.K.A. Rollie